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living behind the looking glass isn't all it's cracked up to be

mangez-moi, buvez-moi

le rêveur
12 June
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living in a snow globe because nowhere is home.
from provence. american now.

this journal is relatively new.
feel free to add. i won't mind.
i'm actually rather friendly.


rules for icons/graphics and my resources

  • no hotlinking. i'm just using a photobucket and i have very limited bandwidth. please save any graphics to your own computer or photobucket.

  • comment if you take anything. you don't need to give me a running inventory on everything you take. you don't even need to kiss my ass. just tell me you've snagged some of the icons on whatever posts you take them from and i'll be a very happy lady.

  • credit if you're one of those people who credits. i think it's matter of etiquette, but i won't spam you with hatred or anything if you don't.

  • if an icon is textless, feel free to add your own text. i'm really not a nazi about that. if you feel it's deserved, credit me for the base.

  • friend me. this journal is new and lonely. but don't take it personally if i don't friend you back right away. i'm usually oblivious. if you comment to tell me, i'll add you back lots faster.

  • i take requests. (turnaround depends on the time of year and how busy i am with real work) click here for more info.

current icon projects
icons100 100 donna moss (the west wing) icons
musicon100 100 rufus wainwright icons

graphic and photograph challenges


stuff i've won
photochallenge challenge 152 (gratitude) - 3rd place

windows xp
adobe creative suite
macromedia mx
wacom intuos3
olympus c-3020


if you see any of your brushes, textures, or anything else uncredited in my work, please just kindly drop me an e-mail at on.thin.air [at] gmail [dot] com or comment and i'll list you. i've been bad at remembering where i've taken what over the years. merci! :)